Our History

Bereavement Care Network, Incorporated (BCN) was established in June 2013. The founding members include President- Nakia N. Dawson, Vice President- Darrell L. McClam, Crystal Beard-Morton, Darnell McClam, Alisha Lytle, and Marsha Dawson. In August of that year, BCN welcomed Telisha Jackson as secretary.  BCN also has a very committed volunteer team that help with fundraising for our cause, volunteering hours to help other organizations, and providing assistance with community events. Our volunteers are the backbone of the organization.
The network serves the Greater New Haven community by assisting with the needs of families affected by homicide. BCN also works directly with families by helping to provide financial contributions. We are able to accomplish this by working directly with local funeral homes, flower shops, grocery stores, and cemeteries. Additionally, the organization offers aftercare counseling to assist families as they process the traumatic events they have endured. 

BCN takes pride in helping each and every family as if they were their own. BCN members' empathy and passion to serve stems from their own experiences of losing a loved one to homicide. Through our own experiences; we understand the pain and healing process.  We at BCN recognize how hard it can be to deal with the loss of a loved one to homicide and we thrive to provide a small measure of comfort to families we serve.